Explore Labs believes in Open Source whether it be Hardware or Software. And GitHub is our favourite tool for version control. We have been on GitHub for quite some time now. Having shared all our design files, eagle libraries and code samples for all products that we manufacture, we believe that that you can get your project done with ease.

Explore Labs on GitHub
Fig. 1 - Explore Labs on GitHub.

As our products fall under Open Source Hardware, it is now possible to check the schematics/design files of the product that you are working on and understand the innards of that device. What can be better than having a code sample that is tested to run with your new product?

Repositories are a great way to share one's work and collaborate with others to create awesome projects. This is the reason we now have ten public repositories (and counting) on GitHub.

To download the design files or code samples from a particular repository, navigate to that repo's home (like this - DIY-Electronics).  Click on the Download ZIP button at the bottom right hand corner to save the complete repository to your computer.

EAGLE files are available as Schematic (.sch) and Board (.brd) format for viewing in EAGLE v6.0 and above (mostly v6.5.0). Some repositories even have the final Gerber data ready to be sent to your favourite PCB Fab house.

Be sure to drop by our GitHub page

New to GitHub? They have a nice set of tutorials to get you started with Sub Version Control.