Explore Labs was started as a one-stop resource for all things technical. We started out with a content management System to write about the things we loved. The first ever live page was created using Joomla and hosted on a shared server. It looked like the image below.

ExploreLabs.com on Joomla
Fig. 1 - ExploreLabs.com on Joomla.

We wanted no ads in our tutorials. The only way to monetize was to start working on an ecommerce platform. Thus came a dedicated e-commerce platform in the form of Zen Cart. We started out with selling Arduino boards in early 2011. Creating a tutorial and then selling the related products seemed like a good idea. We were big fans of Open Source Hardware from the start. Our first product came in the form of providing a regulated power supply for breadboard. Being an OSHW, the design files were attached in the product description.

Some of our products
Fig. 2 - Some of our products' PCBs. From Left to Right: BreadBoard Power Supply, Logic Level Converter, Accelerometer - 3 Axis

Open Source Hardware

We believe in Open Source Hardware and thus all our products' design files are shared on the public domain. We zeroed in on GitHub as the best tool to manage the subversioning (svn). Here is the link for people interested - Explore Labs' GitHub

The website today runs on Magento - a dedicated e-commerce platform and is hosted on Amazon AWS. As of today Explore Labs is the official distributor of the following companies:

  • Arduino
  • SparkFun Electronics
  • Adafruit Industries
  • Pololu Corporation
  • 3D Robotics
  • Seeed Studio

With partnerships like these all over the world, it is the end user that benefits the most.