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Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron

Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron
Rs. 3,999.00

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by Hakko

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FX-601 has excellent heat recovery but is compact, light weight and well-balanced. Compared with a conventional heavy duty iron, the FX-601 is easy and simple to handle.

Packing List:
• Hakko FX-601 with a Standard Tip
• Lock Key
• Instruction Manual


  • Maximum temperature 540℃
  • Equipped with a newly designed tip which has a high thermal capacity
  • Suitable for soldering large connectors, chassis, transformer, etc. which require large amount of heat

Superior heat conductivity

T19 series soldering tips feature a redesigned appearance and internal structure that deliver improved heat conductivity. Use these soldering tips to achieve great heat recovery without increasing power consumption.

Compact and light weight

FX-601 has excellent heat recovery but is compact, light weight and well-balanced. Compared with a conventional heavy duty iron, FX-601 is easy and simple to handle.

LED informs you when the set temperature has been reached.

LCD display shows you the set temperature

Adjust the temperature easily with the control knob

Features a temperature controller built into the grip.
Easily adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob.

temperature controllertemperature controller
* Accurate temperature control performed even outside the scale.

Note: A Plug is not included as part of standard package. You may connect it as per your requirements.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Power Consumption 67 W
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Standard Tip T19-B2 Shape-2B
Temperature 240 deg C - 540 deg C